Member Ratings And Reviews

Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club has a key belief in making the world of forex trading more open and connected, therefore our Member Ratings and Review feature helps user identify highly skilled traders who’s trade idea and analysis are more likely to be accurate and reliable. By having members peer reviewed this adds trust within the community and builds and natural hierarchy based on actual trading ability. This feature also helps combat anyone posting randomly guessed trade ideas in the knowledge that they are putting their reputation in the community on the line and as a result of sloppy inaccurate work they will possibly receive negative feedback. Ratings and reviews can’t be deleted once posted, making it impossible for members to manipulate their reliability as they can do on various other social trading platforms on the internet. A problem faced with many online social trading platforms is that malicious users can create hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles and artificially increase their following and online reputation within the community, with our platform and strict KYC this is physically impossible to do. Making Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club the most reliable platforms in the world.



✅ Peer reviewed Trade Ideas & Analysis


✅ Manipulating Member Ratings & Reviews is impossible


✅ A reliable trustworthy community


✅ Trade Ideas and Analysis accountability and traceability