The Price Surge Indicator is an advance technical indicator created by Sachin Kotecha that indicates high probability trades that are very likely to have a sharp, strong rally. The way to use the Price Surge Indicator is to set the indicator to provide alerts on the instruments of choice and the timeframes you wish to trade and just let them run endlessly. When the conditions of the indicator are met, and you will be alerted on the direction bias long or short. Simply take the trade - setting appropriate stop-loss levels and take profit levels according to price action. It is that simple! You will need a TradingView account to use this indicator, should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

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Sachin Kotecha


  • Andrew Brown

    by Andrew Brown | December 29, 2020

    Description Perfect indicator for capturing big moves in the cryptocurrency market saves a lot of time. Simple set the alerts and leave them running on multiple timeframes! Highly recommended! 

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  • Description As a new trader, there are so many elements of doubt to contend with when identifying a potential entry point to  a trade. This indicator removes a pretty big element of doubt which translates into more confidence in a position. :-)

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  • Adam Helton

    by Adam Helton | September 11, 2019

    Description Amazing indicator that helps you capture large directional moves, been using it with BTC works really well!! 

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